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Updated: 14 April 2017

Please contact Jim Adams if you have information (photographs, births, marriages, deaths, obituaries, diaries, etc.) to add to this page or corrections. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for Nemmers photographs. I have also posted a few "orphan" pictures that are not identified. If you can identify any of these photographs, please contact Jim Adams.  New pictures are being added so come back often! Please refresh/reload this page for the latest updates.

If you are doing Nemmers research and would like to have your name posted on this website so other Nemmers family members can contact you please contact Jim Adams giving your written permission to post your address.

Nemmers Family Pages:

1. John Nicholas & Catharina (Weber) Nemmers. John (or Johann or Jean) was born in 1783 in Tuntange or Donde Lingen, Luxembourg. He died 07 March 1857 in St. Donatus, Jackson County, IA and is buried there. He married Catharina 27 November 1811 in Kellen.They had 5 children:

   a. Nicholas, (see 2 below)

   b. Carolina,

   c. Susanna, 

   d. Michael,

   e. Catherine.

2. Nicholas & Maria (Freymann) Nemmers. Nick was born about 1815 in Dondelange, Luxembourg. They had 10 children:

  a. Charles "Carl", (see 3 below)

  b. Michael P.,

  c. Peter,

  d.  John P.,

  e. Mary Gedeona,

  f. Susan,

  g. John,

  h. Catherine,

  i.  Nicholas D., (1845-1882) Nicholas D. Nemmers and Anna Kaiser History

  j. Peter.

3. Carl & Margaret (Even) Nemmers. Carl was born in 1850 at Tetes des Mort, Jackson County, Iowa and died about 1926. He is buried in LeMars, IA. They had 4 children:

  a. Nicholas Charles & Laura L. (Schroeder)

  b. John W. & Margaret Theresa (Ley)

  c. Margaret & John H. Tentinger

  d. Edward M. & Emma Strouse

4. John W. & Margaret Theresa (Ley) Nemmers. John was born 27 July 1880 in St. Donatus, Jackson, IA and died 16 October 1970 in Arvada, Jefferson, CO. He married Margaret Ley on 21 August 1906 in LeMars, IA. They had 9 children:

  1. Cletus Charles Nemmers (17 Feb 1908 in LeMars, IA - 07 Nov 1991 in Arvada, CO) married Clara Margaret Neubrand (04 March 1911 in LeMars - 19 Nov 1999 in Arvada, CO).

  2. Celeste Helen Nemmers (17 Feb 1908 in LeMars, IA - 07 April 1995 in Denver, CO) married Dudley Phillip Campbell (01 Sep 1913 in Richmond, CA - 06 Feb 2011)

  3. Melita (Mickey) Kathryn Nemmers (01 Sept 1909 in LeMars, IA - 22 Feb 1992 in Denver, CO) married Ray Paul Amundsen (05 Jan 1910 in SD - 12 Oct 1988 in Denver, CO).

  4. Sylvia Ida Nemmers (04 April 1912 - 1914 in LeMars, IA)

  5. Clarice Emma Ann (Nemmers) & Dr. U.M. Adams, MD. Clarice was born 14 April 1913 in LeMars, IA and died 16 August 1987 in Dowagiac, Cass, MI. She married "Doc" Adams on 21 September 1943 in Dowagiac, Cass, MI. They had 5 children. Clarice was a nurse and worked in Dr. Adams' office for many years.

  6. Charlotte Margaret Nemmers (29 July 1915 in Plymouth, IA - 09 Jan 2006) married Louis R. Angelo (09 Feb 1906 - 04 Oct 1988)

  7. Margaret (Margie) Theresa Nemmers (16 Jan 1920 in LeMars, IA - 26 Jan 2000 in Prescott, AZ) married Eugene Puetz.

  8. Florine Mae Nemmers (24 June 1921 in LeMars, IA - 12 Feb 2012 in MO) married (1) Lt. Lawrence Henry Vogt (b. about 1921 - 24 Dec 1944) and (2) James Alexander Cornett (01 Dec 1917 in IL - 16 June 2011 in Casa Grande, AZ)        Lt. Larry Vogt was killed in action in WW2. 

  9. John Charles Nemmers (08 Nov 1929 in LeMars, IA - 28 March 1999) married Patricia Albee. 

Nemmers Obituaries & Death Notices (new link: 30 June 2012)

Nemmers Family Tree by Rob Deltgen (in Letzebuergesch -- Luxembourgish)

Nemmers Surname Resource Center (and type in Nemmers in the search box)

Nemmers History:

Biography of John Nemmers from "Portrait and Biographical Album of Jackson County, Iowa Containing Full Page Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens of the County, Together with Portraits and Biographies of all the Governors of the State, and of the Presidents of the United States. Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1889"

Biography of Nick B. Nemmers from "Portrait and Biographical Album of Jackson County, Iowa Containing Full Page Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens of the County, Together with Portraits and Biographies of all the Governors of the State, and of the Presidents of the United States. Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1889"

Search the above "Portrait and Biographical Album..." at

The Nemmers family settled in St. Donatus, Iowa and many of the early ancestors are buried in the cemetery there.

Plymouth County, Iowa Historical Museum

Communes of Luxembourg (search Esch-sur-Alzette Canton for Dudelange #27)

Luxembourg Villages (in French) Also: alphabetical list of localities

"It's All in the Family" (the story of the Nemmers family "tree")

TheErwin Plein Nemmers Prize in Economics and the Frederic Esser Nemmers Prize in Mathematics (history of the prizes and brief biographical background on the Nemmers brothers)

About the Nemmers Family

Descendants of Johann Nickolas Nemmers of Dondelingen, Luxemburg and St. Donatus, Iowa. Dondelingen is near the villages of Olm and Nospelt, northwest of Luxembourg City.​

Nemmers Family Tree (John M. Nemmers) (beginning with Joannis Nemmers, born about 1710)

Nemmers - Mangrich - Woodward Family Tree (Tessa Mangrich ) at (You will need a membership to view these files) Descendants of Pierre Nemmers (06 Nov 1737 - 01 Feb 1783) of Tuntage, Luxembourg and Anne Marie (Niesen) Nemmers (1752 - ) of Brouch, Luxembourg.

Linkpendium (many links for Nemmers researchers)

Nemmers message board on

Nemmers Message Board

Nemmers Genealogy Forums

Nemmers Family Tree by Kristina (

Nemmers Family Tree by jmnnn (John Nemmers)

Nemmers & Haxmeier Family Tree (sixseat7)

Nemmers Family Tree (morris1)

Nemmers Family Tree (MaryChambers56)

Edwina Marie (Nemmers) Devine (pusanskm) Photos of Edwina Nemmers.

Susan Nemmers (Mangrich-Woodward) Family Tree (TessaMangrich)

Nemmers Family Tree (mnemmers) at (begins with Joannis & Elisabetha Nemmers)

Nemmers Family Tree (Heatherzoomzoom1) "Heather's Family" at

Photo of Barbara P. and Michael L. Nemmers 1877. Photographer stamp: Charles W. Stiff -- St. Paul, MN.

Genealogists doing Nemmers and/or Luxembourg research:

Suzanne Bunkers --Follow the links to Family History. Suzanne's lineage: Jean Nichholas and Catherine Weber > Nicholas Nemmers and Maria Freymann > Nicholas Nemmers and Anna Kaiser > Josephine Nemmers and Henry Kokenge > Frances Kokenge and Theodore Klein > Verna Klein and Jerome (Tony) Bunkers > Suzanne Bunkers.

Clay & Jeannie Nemmers' Homepage at . John Nicholas & Catharina (Weber) Nemmers > Nicholas & Maria (Freymann) Nemmers > Peter & Margaret (Keiser) Nemmers > Francis & Vera (St. Germaine) Nemmers > Clayton Nemmers.

E-mail to: Steve Nemmers <mailto:kanenemmers at> son of Gerald J. Nemmers > Michael Nemmers > Nicholas B. Nemmers > Michael Nemmers >John Nicholas & Catherina (Weber) Nemmers > Pierre & Anne Marie (Neisen) Nemmers.

Follow this link for a brief History of the Nemmers by Steve Nemmers.(Nemmers History #1)

E-mail to: Jim Adams <>. Pierre & Anne Marie (Neisen) Nemmers > John Nicholas & Catharina (Weber) Nemmers > Nicholas & Maria (Freymann) Nemmers > Carl & Margaret (Even) Nemmers > John W. & Margaret (Ley) Nemmers > Dr. U. M. & Clarice Ann (Nemmers) Adams > James R. Adams.

E-mail to: Rita Farley <Farley-PR at>

Luxembourg Family Histories & Family Surname Index Check the Table of Contents on the left for additional links

Follow this link for a Brief History of the Nemmers Family from Luxembourg Records sent by Suzanne Bunkers. Please NOTE: This has been updated (16 March 2001) from the original posting on 08 March 2001.(Nemmers History #2)

If you have a website with Nemmers, Ley, and related families please let me know so I can post your site here! PLEASE NOTE: The following was received from George Adams (a Nemmers descendant & brother of Jim Adams). I hope the Nemmers researchers find this helpful:

I was looking at a road map of Belgium & Luxembourg (Michelin #909) at B&N today. It lists Tintange (Luxembourg province, Belgium), Tuntange (in G.D. of Luxembourg), and Fort (apparently in Lige province, near the Dutch & German borders).

I couldn't find Tuntange or Fort on the map. Tintange is about halfway between Bastogne and Arlon, just off hwy N4, and almost (<2 km) on the Luxembourg border.

Interestingly, the words Tintange and Tuntange are pronounced identically in some French accents (e.g., a Parisian accent), although they are pronounced differently in "standard" French. A non-French speaker would have a hard time distinguishing the difference between the "un" and "in" nasal sounds, however. I know I did when I was first learning French. (George Adams, 29 Sep 2001)

Nemmers Ancestors From Tuntange (Tuntingen) (email from Suzanne Bunkers) (Nemmers History #3)

More on the Nemmers Ancestors (email from Suzanne Bunkers) (Nemmers History #4)

More on the Nemmers from Luxembourg (email from Suzanne Bunkers) (Nemmers History #5)

More on the Nemmers family history from Steve Nemmers (07 May 2001). (Nemmers History #6)

A history of the Freymanns, starting with Caesar's conquest of Gaul (part of which would become Luxembourg), tracing Freymanns from about 1700 in the towns of Mamer and Olm, Charles Freymann & Nicolaus Nemmers' journey with all the families (Nicolaus' wife was Charles' sister) across the Atlantic and the US to St. Donatus, the migration of Luxembourgers from St Donatus to LeMars, and ending with brief sketches of Nicholas' children, the 3rd generation in the US. It is 54 pages long.

The Nemmers family figures only tangentially in this history, but it might possibly be of interest to Nemmers researchers.

The second (and last) printing will be sent to the printer by the end of January 2000. If you should want a copy, John G. Freymann will be happy to send you one for the cost of printing and mailing, which is $12.50.

Contact: John G. Freymann

Luxembourg Genealogy Links:

Luxembourg American Cultural Society (new site)

Luxembourg American Cultural Society (old site)

Directory of Luxembourg American Resources

Luxembourgers in America (Library of Congress European Reading Room)

Luxembourg Connections (Shelby County, Iowa)

Computer Genies of NW Iowa
Luxembourg Family Histories and Surname Sites
Luxembourg Research Links
Luxembourg News
Luxembourg On My Mind (Vail Corporation, Atlanta, GA)
Luxembourg Genealogy
The Institut Grand-Ducal's web site covers emigration from Luxembourg to the USA.

If you would like to subscribe to the Luxembourg News of America Newsletter please contact:
Luxembourg News of America
5204 Brown Street
Skokie, IL USA 60077

Nemmers Photographs:

John W. & Margaret (Ley) Nemmers wedding photo.

John W. & Margaret Theresa (Ley) Nemmers 50th Wedding Anniversary portrait

John W. Nemmers & Margaret Theresa (Ley) Nemmers. 50th wedding anniversary Mass at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Bob & Jim Nemmers, Ted Cornett & George Adams were the Mass servers)

John W. Nemmers

Margaret Theresa (Ley) Nemmers

John W. & Margaret Theresa (Ley) Nemmers in front of their home at 858 Downing St., Denver, CO. 50th Anniversary

John W. & Theresa (Ley) Nemmers family (probably taken sometime prior to their 50th wedding anniversary in 1956) 
Front row, left to right: Florine Mae, John W., Margaret Theresa (Ley), John Charles, Margaret (Margie) Theresa
Back row, left to right: Melita (Mickey) Kathryn, Charlotte Margaret, Cletus Charles (twin), Celeste Helen (twin), Clarice Emma (Ann)

John W. & Theresa (Ley) Nemmers and children (probably taken on their 50th wedding anniversary -- August 1956). Front row, left to right: Melita (Mickey) Kathryn Amundsen, Margaret Theresa (Ley) Nemmers, John W. Nemmers, Margaret (Margie) Theresa (Nemmers) Puetz. Back row, left to right: John "Jack" Charles Nemmers, Charlotte Margaret (Nemmers) Angelo, Florine Mae (Nemmers) Cornett, Celeste Helen (Nemmers) Campbell (twin), Clarice Emma (Nemmers) Adams, Cletus "Lee" Charles Nemmers (twin). Taken at the Nemmers home at 858 Downing St., Denver, CO.

Nemmers Children: Front row, left to right: Celeste Helen (Nemmers) Campbell (twin), Clara (Neubrand) Nemmers, Cletus "Lee" Charles Nemmers (twin). Back row, left to right: Charlotte Margaret (Nemmers) Angelo, Margaret (Margie) Theresa (Nemmers) Puetz, John "Jack" Charles Nemmers, Melita (Mickey) Kathryn Amundsen, Florine Mae (Nemmers) Cornett. Can you date this photo and name the occasion? Contact Jim Adams (adamsmckain at

Nemmers Family (Denver, CO. Probably Summer of 1958.) Group photo of children and grandchildren of John W. & Margaret Theresa (Ley) Nemmers probably taken in the backyard of Charlotte (Nemmers) & Lou Angelo's home. Photo identification: (Please contact Jim Adams with corrections and identification of unknown people) 
Front row, left to right: Peg Cornett, George Adams, Robert Amundsen, Steven Nemmers, John Adams, Mark Nemmers, Tom Nemmers, Jim Adams, Mary Adams
Second row, L to R: Flo (Nemmers) Cornett, Angeline Petronella (Ley) Warren, Ray Amundsen, Margaret Adams, Margaret T (Ley) Nemmers holding Gary Nemmers, John W. Nemmers holding Susan Nemmers, Clarice (Nemmers) Adams 
Third row, L to R: Patricia (Albee) Nemmers holding Barbara Nemmers, 
Back row, L to R: Lou Angelo, Uriah M. ("Doc") Adams, Jack Nemmers holding Beverly Nemmers, Melita (Nemmers) Amundsen, Jim Cornett (behind Melita), Diane Nemmers, Jim Nemmers (behind Diane), Bob Nemmers, Patricia Cornett, Clara Nemmers, Kay Angelo, Cletus Nemmers, Char (Nemmers) Angelo, Ted Cornett, Carol Amundsen, Mary Amundsen (Thanks to Barbara Nemmers Wood for help in identification)

Maggie & John W. Nemmers in their home at 858 Downing St., Denver, CO

Christmas Dinner at the Nemmers home at 858 Downing St., Denver, CO

John W. & Margaret Theresa (Ley) Nemmers gravestone marker 
John (27 July 1880 - 16 Oct 1970) Margaret (22 Feb 1883 - 18 Dec 1965)

Cletus Charles & Clara (Neubrand) Nemmers (50th Wedding Anniversary, 12 May 1987)

Clara (Neubrand) and Cletus C. Nemmers (August 1987, Marcellus, MI at Clarice (Nemmers) Adams funeral.

Nemmers Baseball Team of 1898 -- Photo courtesy of Peg (McNeill) Nemmers. Photo identification:

  1. Al Nemmers of Le Mars, IA
  2. John G. Nemmers of Le Mars, IA
  3. John W. Nemmers of Le Mars, IA
  4. E. M. Nemmers of Le Mars, IA
  5. Joe Nemmers of Granville, IA
  6. Mick Nemmers of Le Mars, IA
  7. Hubert "Hub" Nemmers of Granville, IA
  8. N.C. Nemmers of Le Mars, IA
  9. Peter Nemmers of Granville, IA

1, 3, 5, 6 are brothers

3, 4, 8 are brothers

7 & 9 are brothers to Josephine (Nemmers) Kokenge who married Henry Kokenge. Josephine was the great-grandmother of Suzanne Bunkers.

If you are related to any of the "Nemmers Team" please contact Jim Adams (adamsmckain at with your stories, artifacts, or other pictures.

Nicholas John Nemmers baseball picture. Nick pitched for the Iowa Hawkeyes in college and was offered a contract to pitch with the Chicago White Sox. (Picture courtesy of Edith Nemmers McKay)

Nemmers Family Reunion. Handwritten identification.  Photo with ID (missing one ID) of Nemmers Family Reunion photo. Please contact Jim Adams if you can identify these people, date the photo, name the occasion, etc. Probably taken at Nemmers family farm in Iowa. Possibly late 1930s or early 1940s.

Nemmers Men. Contact Jim Adams (adamsmckain at if you have information on this picture.

Barbara & Michael Nemmers (1877) Please contact Jim Adams at adamsmckain at if you can identify these and place them on "the tree".

Historic Luxembourg Village -- St. Donatus, Iowa, USA

Stone house in St. Donatus, IA. Contact Jim Adams (adamsmckan at if you have information on this home. (Tetes Des Morts High School for Boys. Built in 1875)

Gehlen house in St. Donatus, IA. Outside restored by craftsmen from Luxembourg in 1997.

More St. Donatus, Jackson County, IA photos can be found at (Click on the St. Donatus link at the right)

"Orphan" Pictures

I will be posting photographs believed to be of the Nemmers. If you can identify these pictures please contact Jim Adams (adamsmckain at

Iowa Links: