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2015 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 18 August 2015

(More photos and news will be posted, please return for more on the 2015 Reunion!)

The 2015 (97th) Adams-McKain Family Reunion was held on Saturday, 08 August 2015 at the Hudson Memorial Building, 179 Jones Street, Marcellus, Cass County, MI. The family began gathering at 11 AM and lunch followed at 12:30 PM. 48 family members and guests attended the reunion:

8 members of the Archie Leonard & Lilly DeBarr (Douglass) Adams family were present: Dawn (Adams) Sivley, Dave Sivley, Sara (Sivley) Huff, Avila Huff, Siena Huff, Blair Huff, June (Adams) Powell and Dale (Powell) Greenwood.

1 member of the Effa May & George W. (Alford) Adams family was present (Barbara Gale)

1 member of the Sarah Lucina (Adams) & Dorsey Fletcher family was present. Robert Brown

38 members of the Horace Chester & Roxanna Arvilla (Bent) Adams family were present.

Francis Morse (oldest member present), Rollie Morse, Anna (Morse) Lando, Rolando Lando (youngest), Brigid Morse, Marge (Adams) Wetherell, Robert Wetherell, Adams Wetherell, Amy (Wetherell) Posey, Mark Posey, Lauren Posey, Kate Posey, Mary (Adams) West, Mike West, Erik West, Jim Adams, Linda (Maher) Adams, George Adams, Mary Chris (Curry) Adams, Patricia (Keddell) Adams, Keri (Adams) Throneberry, Justin Rendleman, Hayli Throneberry, Denny Valk, Caleb Throneberry, Daniel Rendleman, Victoria Havel, Jory Rendleman, Dan Adams, Pam (Dykema) Adams, Gayle Dykema, Tim Adams, Christopher Adams, Cody Adams, Grace Adams, Abigail Adams.

Dan Adams gave an update on his sister, Marilyn Adams.


Four generations of the Morse Family


Food Line


Barbara Gale