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 Updated: 22 July 2014
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From the Marcellus News, 27 February 2014:
Marcellus Academic Hall of Fame (2014). At the Inaugural Academic Hall of Fame ceremony scheduled for Saturday, 12 April 2014, seven Marcellus High School graduates will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Biographies of all of the inductees will be published in the Marcellus News prior to the ceremony.

We will begin with Carroll B. Jones, a graduate of the Class of 1920, the earliest year one of this year's inductees graduated from Marcellus High School.
"What Is In A Name? (Cassopolis Graded, Oak Grove, Mechanicsburg, Cherry Grove, Brooklyn/Jones/McIntosh, Beeson) A Lot Of History" by Kenneth Hartman. Marcellus News, 18 June 2009.
"What Is In A Name? (Hampshire, Dewey, Mayflower, Champlain, Peavine, Sumnerville, Pokagon, Walnut Grove, Sumnerville #6) A Lot Of History" by Kenneth Hartman. Marcellus News, 28 May 2009 (continued from last week)
"What Is In A Name? (Red Mill, Indian Lake, Daly, California, Cullinane, Hinchman, Cushing) A Lot Of History" by Kenneth Hartman. Marcellus News, 09 April 2009

Kinney School (District 5), aka Adams School or the Vineyard Grange Hall in District 24. Located at County Road 352 & 23rd Street on the southwest corner in Porter Township, Van Buren County, MI. Across from Gilbert Deuls in Section 4.
Adams School
   Photo of students. Kinney School Group 2 (Circa 1895): Back Row: Jim Holcomb, Stella Castner, Bertha Harris, Sadie Hooper, Blanche Hulbert (Teacher), Ethel Cooley, Jenny Munger, Gussie Riggs. Middle Row: Lena Riggs, May Newman, Lila Mayer, Blanch Cooley, Ethel Harris, Mabel Fletcher, Frank Cooley, Abby Munger, Cleo Ward, Boyd Harton. Front Row: Colon Bowers, Frank Holcomb, Sam & John Wood, Mack Munger, Roe DeForest, Floyed Moyer, Floyd Harris, and Ross Adams. Photo identification made by Robert D. Brown from his grandmother, Muriel Brown.

Some teachers:
Raymond Cook - 1922-1923 school year - 1st teaching job.
Whilma Lee
Bessie Bundy (Jewell) - At Kinney School 1 year (Jewell's had store/gas station at U.S. 131 & M-219 for many years)
Katherine Lynn - 2 or 3 years
Kathleen Burlington
Rena E. Thornton  

Some pupils:
Lucile (Hooper) Klein - Married Francis Klein. Attended Kinney School 4 years.
Evelyn Klein (Dozeman)
Shirley Wright
Vaughn Bartlett                    Bessie Newman
McKinley Bartlett                  Effie K. Newman
Alma Breseman                    Harold E. Ward
George Calvert                     Clark Wood
Mae Lomison                        Wayne Hoyt
Earl Copenhaver                   Carl Breseman
Murl Copenhaver                  Frank Breseman
Gladys Lomison                    Eliza Chapman
Elsie Breseman                      Gladys Harwell
John Breseman                      Iva Hoyt
Fannie Chapman                   Lloyd Holcomb                    Whilma Lee

A.T. Bartlett, Director
C.H. Adams, Moderator
F.A. Ward, Treasurer

 Michigan's one room school houses Look for the Kinney School & the Adams School
Marcellus Schools
Please contact Jim Adams (adamsmckain @ if you have the names & dates for Administrators and School Board Members.
Marcellus School District Administrators
V.E. Ward 1931 -
Edmund Schoetzow (Supt in 1907 with an enrollment of 232 & tuition of $300. 70 in the HS with 31 being "foreign students".)
S.C. Boekhout 1933 -
Edward E. Heathcote 1961 - 1965
DeRand Jones 1966 - 1971
Thomas S. Lamb 1972 - 1981
James Olin 1982 - 1983
Dr. Randy Bos 1985 - 1988
Robert D. Ash (interim)
Dennis McCrumb
Ronald L. Herron 2006 - 2013
Marcellus School District Principals
Mrs. A.C. Mack 1931 -
Don Allen (1954 - 1961) moved to Portage, MI
Robert Wood - 1965
Robert P. Howe - 1968
Robert J. Grill 1969 - 1976
Jan H. Soiter 1977 - 1981
Keith R. Griffin 1982 - 1983
Bill Scaletta 1984 -
Bill Markovich 1998 - 2008
Nanette Pauley, HS 2008 -
Melinda Bohan 2012
Don Price, Volinia Outcomes School
Marcellus School Teachers
B. Arnold, Agriculture 1933-
Gerald Beard
John Carr
Mrs. Mary Ann Claridge, 6th grade. 1963 -
Miss Jennie Cleckner, 2nd grade
Ruth Cobb (Read "Tribute to Miss Cobb" by John Mooy in the Marcellus News, 04 October 2012 on page 1) Math & Driver Education
Mrs. Cross
Mrs. Aileen Dodge, 4th grade
Phillip Jerry Eberhard (1967 - )
Mrs. Christine Elsey, 3rd grade 1962-
Mrs. B.W. Fishbeck, Latin, English 1933-
Ruth G. Foncannon, Business Education, Commercial
Mrs. Fosdick
John Frye, Junior High Science, Varsity Basketball coach
Mrs. Mary Gebhard, Special Education 1962-
Mrs. Mary Gleason, 1st grade 1962-
Mrs. Kay Graham, Guidance, Home & Family Living
Mrs. Lorraine Griner, 4th grade. 1963 -
Mrs. Harold (Mary) Gebhard
Robert Hardy,  English 7th & 9th graden1962 -
Mr. Jack Hartsell, 4th grade 1962-
Miss Sondra Hicks, History & Geography 1962-
Miss M. Hill, 1st & 2nd grade 1933-
Mrs. Eleanor Hollenbeck, English, French, Latin  1962-
Miss E. Holliday, 5th & 6th grade 1933-
Mike Hume, 7th & 8th grade History, Varsity Football coach
Mrs. Hilliard, Kindergarten
Oliver H. Jensen, Science, Mathematics, Driver Education  1933 -
Mrs. O. Johnson, 3rd & 4th grade 1933-
Mrs. Winona Johnson, 2nd grade 1962-
Miss Hazel Kahler, 6th grade
Mrs. Pauline Kirby, Home Economics, Government
Dan Krueger, Math
James Lott, HS English. 1963 -
Mrs. Marjorie Lott, 7-12 remedial reading. 1963 -
Mrs. Mason, Commerce 1933-
Miss Mamie Masten. 11 March 1900 - 03 June 1963) She taught for 44 years & was a 6th grade teacher.
Mrs. Hazel Masten (10 October 1910 - 26 Oct 1987)
Mr. Ernest Miller
Mrs. M. Moore, Home Economics 1933-
Richard Olsen, Junior High Math 1962-
Donald Parrish, Instrumental & Vocal Music 1962-
Mrs. Alice Pattengale, Home Economics until 1958
Bruno Pikoraitis (1958)
Mrs. Ellamae Porath, 2nd grade 1962-
Mr. Everett Potter
Talivades Ripelis, English
Mrs. Ruth Robinson, Volinia kindergarten. 1963 -
Don Schoneboom, Industrial Arts & Biology
Mrs. Edna Secor, elementary art. 1963 -
Mrs. Martha Shaw, 7th & 8th grade English. 1st grade. 1963 -
Mrs. Shirley Shoenight, Librarian 1962-
Mrs. Dorothe Schug, 3rd grade 1962-
Mrs. Helen Silcott,
Mrs. Susan Stoddard, 9th & 10th  grade English, French I, Latin II. 1963 -
Mrs. H. D. Sweet, Junior High School 1933 -
Joseph L. Wood (1967 - )
Mrs. Iyla Youngman, Kindergarten 1962-
Walter Zahrt, 8th & 10th English
John Zull, World History, Social Studies
Valedictorians & Salutatorians
1962: Bruce Jensen (V), Richard Torrans (S)
2012: Connor Makowski (V), April Lewis (S)
1931 - 1932 Marcellus Public Schools
Board of Education: President W.K. Lane; Secretary M.B. Smith; Treasurer F.C. Prowdley; Trustee Charles R. Welcher; Trustee R.L. Handlin.
Faculty: Superintendent V.E. Ward; Principal Mrs. A.C. Mack; Teachers: Mrs. T.A. Moyer, Miss M. Moore, Miss M. Mason, B. Arnold, Oliver H. Jensen, Mrs. H.D. Sweet, Miss E. Holliday, Mrs. O. Johnson, Miss M. Hill, Miss M. Hanna.
High School Tuition: $80.00
GradesTuition: $60.00
Marcellus High School Varsity Football Coaches
Todd Rice
Floyd Yoder (1967 - )
Howard Jensen (1966)
David Lantz
Mike Hume (1961 - )
Marcellus High School Varsity Basketball Coaches
John Frye
John Critchlow
Jim McNally
Mr. DeCou ( - 1986)
Bob Norton
Marcellus School Enrollment Figures
1961  806
Marcellus High School Hall of Fame
2011 Class: The 1997-1998 Boys Basketball Team (Dane Terrill, Michael Evans, Jim Mason, the late Carroll Jones)
 Volinia Outcomes School The Marcellus Community School District's Volinia Outcomes School observed its 20th anniversary in April 2010. Marcellus News, 17 March 2010.
Howardsville School, St. Joseph County. (Marcellus News, 18 October 1973. Reprinted: 09 September 2010).