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Updated: ​14 April 2017


If you have information (births, marriages, deaths, obituaries, photographs, letters, diaries, etc.) on the Vogt & related families, please contact Jim Adams for inclusion on this page.

Generation 1Henry William Vogt (b. 1837 in Germany - d. 1894 in Missouri) married Mary Louise Meyer (b. 1830 in Germany - d. 1908 in Missouri). They had 4 children:

  i. Fritz H. Vogt (07 Jan 1862 - 01 June 1926) married Lena Goedeke (b. 09 Aug 1864)

  ii. Henry Frederick Vogt (21 March 1865 in Germany - 21 Nov 1952) married Mary Louisa ? (b. 24 Oct 1873)

  iii. Wilhelmina K. Vogt (19 April 1866 in Germany - 27 Oct 1942 in MO) married Henry John Maune

  iv. Anna L. Vogt (23 Aug 1869 in MO - 30 May 1947 in MO) married Fred William Wilmesherr (1894 - 1963)

Generation 2Henry Frederick Vogt (21 March 1865 in Germany - 21 Nov 1952) married Mary Louisa ? (b. 24 Oct 1873). They had:

  i. Oscar Henry Vogt (04 Jan 1893 in Missouri - Dec 1968 in Calumet, O'Brien, IA) married Eleanor Amanda Henrietta Blaue.  

  ii. Leona "Lonie" A. (b. Jan 1896 in Missouri) 

  iii. Alza (b. June 1898 in Missouri)

  iv. Elva E. (b. 1899 in Missouri)

  v. Verina M. (b. 1906 in Missouri)

  vi. Henry E. (b. 1908)

  vii. Elmer G. (b. about 1912)

Generation 3Oscar Henry Vogt (04 Jan 1893 in Missouri - Dec 1968 in Calumet, O'Brien, IA) married Eleanor Amanda Henrietta Blaue 18 April 1916.  She was b. 08 March 1898 in Gerald, Franklin, Missouri and d. 30 March 1944 in Primghar, O'Brien, IA. They had:

  i. Ardine Vogt Schmidt (b. 06 Aug 1917 - d. 17 Nov1994). Married Gerald Frank Schmidt 19 June 1938 in Calumet. 

  ii. Private

  iii. Lawrence Henry Vogt (b. 1921 in Missouri - 24 Dec 1944 in Germany). He married Florine May NemmersWedding announcement (unknown newspaper)

  iv. Private

Oscar Vogt WW1 Draft Registration  (you will need an subscription)

Warren's Family Tree at begins with Henry Frederick Vogt (1865 - ?) married to Mary L. (1872 - ?). ​


Helpful hints in searching for a military veteran.

1/LT Lawrence Henry Vogt, US Army Air Forces, was shot down on a mission during WW2. He was a crewman on a B-17 and German 88's were firing on their plane. One plane in the squadron was hit and was spinning to the ground when Vogt's plane was struck by the plane and disintegrated. Men were observed falling to the ground without parachutes. He died 24 December 1944 and is buried in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, 4701 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, Jefferson County, KY 40207 in Section A, Site 1363.

Lt. Lawrence H. Vogt gravestone photo.

Casualty list from Roy V. Capwell, F/O. CB 44-08. 549 BS, 385 BG
KIA on Dec. 24, 1944 when 43-38233 collided with 43-37893 near Namur, Bel. MACR 11113
Crew List:
P: 2LT Lawrence Vogt KIA
CP: FO James Anding KIA
N: 2LT Victor Hammonds Jr. KIA
B: FO Roy Capwell KIA
TT: Sgt. Harry Sevick KIA
RO: Sgt. Richard Rudd KIA
BT: Sgt Clifford Canterberry KIA
WG: Sgt. William Johnson KIA
TG: Sgt. Calvin Rhodes -- POW

Photo of 2LT Vogt's B-17 "Sweet & Lovely"                  Photo of 2LT Vogt & crew (back row, left)

B-17 Bomber -- "The War Horse", 549th SQDN -- 385th Bomb Group, Great Ashfield, England, 1944.

Plane Names & Valiant Noses -- The 385th Bomb Group (Heavy) "Van's Valiants"

Flying Backwards in '44 by Ron McInnis


385th Bomb Group

Ground Crews of the 385th Bomb Group

B-17 Bomber-- "The War Horse"

385th Bomb Group

385th Bombardment Group

385th Bombardment Group

385th Bombardment Group Flight Jackets

8th Air Force B-17 and B-24 Unit Markings in WW2

Wikimapia map of the 385th Bomb Group Museum in Luxembourg

385th Bomb Group (Flickr)

Friends of the 385th Bomb Group & Memorial Museum, Perle - Luxembourg (not active)

385th Bomb Group (H) -- Unofficial Site (not active)

The story of Van's Valiants, A History of the 385th Bomb Group, 2nd edition by Bill Varnedoe, 5000 Ketova Way, Huntsville, AL 35803 is now available. billvar at Cost: $25 post paid.

Vogt Family Genealogy Forum 

Marc Vogt's family tree at (connection not verified) Begins with Henry & Helena (Fischer) Vogt.

Vogt documents online (connection not known. includes coat of arms)